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In every agony, there is a potential for hope.

Our aim is to take the road less travelled and make the mind less troubled.

We are on a mission of spreading awareness and providing support to those living with mental illness and neurological disorders.

Through music, information, and clothing, please browse the site to find out more.

Everyone can take a fall and come out of it unbroken, some just need a hand to grab onto. 

Unique in our approach, we not only provide useful information but also uplifting conscious music.

 Because, we believe music can bond us together.   

Show your support by listening to Sebastian Azul on Spotify and iTunes & spread the word by following us on social media pages.
Thank you and have a great journey!!
Welcome to awareness is power! 
Bienvenido a la conciencia es poder 
Bem vindo à consciência é poder 
Bienvenue à la conscience est puissant 
Benvenuti nella consapevolezza è potere
Willkommen bei Bewusstsein ist macht
                      Apzināšanās ir spēks                           
η συνειδητοποίηση είναι δύναμη
Constietizarea este putere

''Awareness Is Power'' merchandise available soon!

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  Stay tuned for more new awareness is power  merchandise!     Tote bags + T-shirts + Jumpers + Hoodies + Sweaters+ Mugs + Notepads + Rucksacks 

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