When Dominic entered year 6 (Aurora) he was blessed with a fantastic teacher who I can only address with the last surname initial MR S.

Who I felt was a God send, not only very positive and supportive, but who supported him additionally and gave him lots of confidence.

Dominic, is very fond of his teacher, he told me that he understands him and he creates scenario to make his classmates understand better. He encourages everyone to work as a team.

Where they all work as a team and nobody gets left behind, or is made to feel bad.

It is a great quality, when a teacher understands or knows how to work with his students.

It makes learning not only manageable but pleasurable.  Mr S,  explained to other pupils about Dominic condition.

This way they understood.

Thanks to CAHMS EHCP and the school board Dominic has had several teaching assistants.

His previous one being a wonderful assistant, who he likes and feels very comfortable with her.

Pleased to say his grades have improved, he is no longer behind. He feels very confident and is excited in starting secondary school.

He likes this school he attends and has great friends that have the same interests as him.

I am utterly grateful for the extra confidence boost and support Mr S has given to my son.

Especially in his last year at primary school transition to secondary school.

Overall the school he attends just before his transition to secondary school is exceptional and the staff is an absolute delight.

From the lollypop man to the warden, simply amazing.

Thank you to all the staff.

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