During their growth transition to adulthood or teenage stage their tics will worsen. Puberty stage is very tense and stressful. Hormones all over the place. Through conversations with my friends who are also parents to someone with Tourettes/ADHD/ Anxiety.
They have told me stories that made me be prepared for what is to come. Although I am aware that everyone is different.
So I’m glad to say that Dominic’s Tourettes tics as of June 2018 are mild. There is nothing that is causing him pain or distress like the throat clearing, shoulder shrugging and facial twitching and the most worrying of them all head jerking.
His worse tic to date was when he turned 7 and 10 years old. Motor and Vocal tics was very visible, Disturbing and upsetting to watch. As well as consistent, brutal, and really affected his mental health. Made him feel self-conscious and upset. The throat clearing, facial twitching, coughing and head jerking…not to mention shoulder shrugging made it difficult for him to sleep at night. The throat clearing tic made his throat sore. I would give him lozenges to soothe his throat.

The head jerking tic this particular one looks very uncomfortable and painful. There are no medication for tics! Despite all these traumatic events Dominic has risen above it and continues to stay positive. Doing well in his academic life.

As of now, 2018 June. There is mild motor and vocal tics present at the moment his tics are not so visible, they are: touching the nose, blowing his fingers, and the muttering sounds only happens at bedtime just before he goes to sleep. I haven’t seen or heard him during the day so I don’t know if this is a tic he suppresses until bedtime.
Or if it just comes at bedtime when he is relaxed.

The other tics are a little noticeable, muscle tensing, stretching arms and bending it often happens during school runs.

Where he will stop walking suddenly or pause for a minute to click his joints, hands or knees. 

Safe to say in retrospect, none of the tics mentioned above are an issue, in terms of disruption in class.


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